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Station assault

The Elizabeth is joined by the Katherine in this assault on a space station.

So in this video I decided to do a little bit more of a stress test, what’s becoming apparent is that I might need to invest in some sort of hardware capture device because it is murdering the framerate. Either that or I’ll start recording the vids on my gaming machine…

Bit of a swarm fest admittedly, I think situations like this will be rare in game. Once I’ve sorted missiles and flak the focus will be on AI fleet movements, they will all sortof band together in formations to attack which means they’ll need less ships to be effective. At the moment each pack of ships thinks for itself, the packs will attack together but I’m after a more deeper coordination of AI activity.

Alas, it’s pointless programming it all in until I have representative weapons from each style, and by that I mean projectile, beam and area of effect. Only then can I truly judge effective distances which means I can program the AI to respond appropriately.

A lot of talk you’ll notice about AI, well that’s because the game is complicated. Some people will like to pour over every detail micromanaging the fleet, others will like to automate a few things and the AI is universal and can be ‘turned on’ for the player ships as well as driving the AI.


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  1. Silen Kurii (sile)

    What software and HDD are you using to record the game footage?

    14 Jul 2014 - Reply
    • mawhrin-skel

      FRAPS to SSD

      14 Jul 2014 - Reply
      • Silen Kurii (sile)

        Is FRAPS still an FPS hog though? Perhaps try OBS (free) or DXTory? (about same cost as FRAPS)
        There’s some good guides on how to record with DXTory that gives really good results and doesn’t tax your system as much as FRAPS.

        14 Jul 2014 - Reply
        • mawhrin-skel

          DXTory looks pretty good actually thanks!

          14 Jul 2014 - Reply

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