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About Shallow Space

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Back Story

It is the year 2497, Human technological advancement heralded two major advancements in the late 22nd Century. The first was a restricted AI known as SISS (Segmented Intelligent Systems,) SISS was designed to take the leg work out of humanities existence, it filled everything from rudimentary admin positions to managing production of buildings and housing. The second advancement was the complete autonomous construction of vehicles and replication of objects brought about by the invention of SISS.

There has been no intervention from extra-terrestrials, the United Earth Council instructed SISS to dedicate 25% of her available bandwidth in the search for ET’s and long range probes were regularly launched, with nothing to show.

Like a cancer humanity ate through the planet Earth consuming resources faster than it could recycle them, global warming and climate change meant unpredictable crop seasons and large parts of the planet were swallowed by constantly rising sea levels. The humans turned to SISS and to their intuition once more.

Once the Humans realised the extent of the damage to Earth, they instructed SISS to accumulate as many resources as possible from the solar system to build huge colony ships to move humanity elsewhere.

SISS scanned the stars and found a suitable home for the humans in a not so distant solar system, it constructed resource collectors to strip the solar system bare of usable materials and built large colony ships. In haste the humans invented a rudimentary FTL drive and they left the Sol system by the millions never looking back, a journey that would take them 100 years.

Officers of the newly formed TCN salute the first of the gargantuan colony craft leaving Earth, each of these ships carried hundreds of thousands of Humans.

SISS designation sector 189 held the planet the humans would now call home and they named it Terra, other planets and moons nearby were also colonised. Armed with autonomous construction and SISS it was only a matter of a further 100 years before the great civilisation of humanity was reborn.

The powerful corporations that sponsored the repatriation of mankind set about building fleets of ships to move goods and protect investments and battle with each other over resources, mercenaries exist selling services to the highest bidder and piracy is rife. The balance of power swings like a pendulum as resources are automatically consumed and 100’s of ships constructed every day. The Terran Confederate Navy must do all it can to protect its citizens in what has become very Shallow Space.

  © CDG Studios (2014)

In memory of Iain M. Banks
16/02/1954 – 09/06/2013

You opened my mind, expanded my horizon, rest in peace. - James

Game Description

Shallow Space is a 3D Real time strategy (RTS) game inspired by Nexus: The Jupiter incident and Homeworld.

Command elements of the Terran Confederate Navy’s Gamma fleet as you dominate sectors of space tending to both random encounters and storyline missions. Mine resources to advance your capital ships, engage your capital ships in combat to improve your officer’s skills and produce smaller ships to compliment your fleet.

Your fleet will be comprised of smaller sets of ships called packs. Packs are a logical grouping of ships that the player will use to respond to incidents in the currently occupied sector comprising of Capital ships, Cruisers, Frigates and Wings. Wings will form a grouping of the smallest ships such as Fighter Drones and Corvettes. Once a wing is formed they can be assigned to a pack as a single unit and will fly and fight in formation. The player will also be assigned special capital ships such as the Leviathan and Capital Carrier, these special ships house resource collectors, autonomous ship production facilities and special heavy weapons.

The player will occupy one sector at a time providing policing and escort duties, harvesting resources and responding to random encounters. The fleet will be spread across the sector requiring the player to sometimes direct action on multiple fronts. At the same time TCN command will call upon the player to progress storyline missions. Each class of ship will have several variants for different tasks, each task will require the player to assemble packs to respond appropriately and that appropriate response can take any number of forms making for very dynamic gameplay.

>More information is available in the recent post: Course Confirmed but it’s early days yet for the project and as we seek to be innovative the details are still quite fluid.

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